MAZ Style: Jeans + Jeans (Denim Fever)

Para la temporada Primavera Verano 2013 la tela de Jeans o Denim será una gran protagonista de la moda… se puede apreciar en la mayoría de las vidrieras, revistas y por las calles en USA esta tendencia, que particularmente me encanta y me parece que puede usarse siempre, por supuesto bien combinado, con nuestro estilo y toque personal!!.. Desde camisas, chalecos, pantalones, faldas, Shorts, chaquetas… El Jeans esta de Moda!!

For Spring Summer 2013 Jeans or Denim fabric is a great protagonist of fashion … we can see in most of the windows, magazines and on the streets in the U.S. this trend, I particularly love and I think it can always be used, of course combined well with our style and personal touch! .. From shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, shorts, jackets … The Jeans is fashionable!

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MAZ Style: Vestido Negro y Beige con Encajes

Happy December, the month of celebrations and family gatherings for many of us!… I wanted to start this month thanking all of you, my dear friends, who visit my site and are always there, leaving messages that make me feel happy and continue to share part of my life and all those things, simple or complex, that make my world … my family, health, fashion and beauty! .. I’ve been pretty far from my Blog, but not social networking, since I started a personal project of handmade jewelry, which has become a passion for me, I hope this week make a post summary on “MAZ Handcrafted”, my online store :)… This weekend, we begin the month of December by the great door, since my husband and I attended a spectacular celebration of his work, which we thoroughly enjoyed. The photos are not very clear or professionals but I just wanted to show you the dress I wore that night, which had me crazy .. I loved it from start to finish … lol Thank you and we’re still here!

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MAZ Style: Gris & Blanco

To start I warn you that the photos are a bit weird lol, this because all were taken by myself, because I did not have my star photographer “my dear hubby.” The Look of the Day is based on two colors that I love together, gray and white. As you will see I combined this with a beautiful booties in grey, and then to be in my backyard, I switch to a mustard ballerina shoes that changed the look to something more fun. Additional I show two little things, part of my handmade jewelry I make for myself and for sale (visit my Facebook page and Etsy Store, or email me at, and the other thing is something that make me happy and is how looks my hair right now,  I suffer from Hypothyroidism for over 4 years and hair care has been a challenge for me (I hope soon to bring you some tips about this) … Bye Bye!

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Trends: Accesorios para el Fin de Año

For the latter months of the year where celebrations are present, many began to devise which will be our outfits to dazzle and feel beautiful!… For the end of the year, the brightness is present and I’m bringing some examples of accessories where “Rhinestones” are the protagonists. Tips: Highlight a simple unicolor outfit with Rhinestones accessories for a New Year’s Eve Outfit.

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MAZ Style: Fall For Zoo

This very special day, because what can be more special than spending the day with your family, happy and enjoy nature :). Taking advantage of climate change to cooler temperatures and pleasant weather, without planning it, my family and I visited the Houston Zoo and surroundings that are beautiful as you will see in the pictures. To this day my look was done mostly with parts having enough time with me, for example, the skirt has more than 10 years .. A Look casual, office, classic colors and serving for many occasions and yet timeless .. Many will wonder as I went to a zoo in heels? Well, it was not in my plans, but it was an annoyance, they are super comfortable, I walked and rested from time to time, but the most important was that I felt really well and happy 🙂

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